Curs de Specializare, acreditat EFIC - Specialist în Durere 

Destinat medicilor, fizioterapeutilor sau psihologilor care vor să devină specialiști acreditați în durere  - Pentru prima dată în ROMANIA, București 21-23 Februarie 2020 - în colaborare cu Spitalul Metropolitan Monza

Cursul va fi predat în limba engleza. Curicula acoperă prima parte necesară pentru examenul EFIC European Diploma in Pain. Examenul este sustinut anual în Bruxelles, în limba engleză. Cunoaștere limbii este obligatorie atât pentru curs cât și pentru examen.

Deoarece cunoașterii limbii engleze este necesară pentru susținerea examenului, informațiile de mai jos sunt redate în acestă limbă

Course Enrollments close on Februarie 10th 2020


The course follows the European Diploma in Pain Physiotherapy and Pain Medicine Curricula

This two-day course is aimed at clinicians (PT, MD, psychologists, chiropractors etc.) working with complex musculoskeletal problems such as fibromyalgia, non-specific low back pain and persistent overuse injuries/sportsrelated problems. Students can be allowed accepted to at the discretion of the organisers.

About one-in-five of all people suffer from pain that is either constant or recurrent, and studies consistently show that many patients are not cured from their pain by contemporary treatments such as surgery, pharmacology, exercise and psychotherapy.

Yet, in clinical practice, patients and their clinicians experience treatment effects on a daily basis in most patients. While this conundrum shows the complexity of applying statistical data to the clinic, it also highlights the need for an updated view on the science and theories used to treat patients with complex symptoms, such as chronic pain.

About the European Pain Federation (EFIC)

The European Pain Federation EFIC® is a multidisciplinary professional organisation in the field of pain research and medicine, consisting of the 37 chapters of the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP®) in Europe. Established in 1993, The European Pain Federation EFIC constituent chapters represent close to 20,000 physicians, basic researchers, nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists and other healthcare professionals across Europe, who are involved in pain management and pain research.

Reserve your seat now, only 35 available!

Why is this course a unique opportunity? 

By participating to this course, you will start on the way to become one of the first in Romania with internationally recognized accreditation in chronic pain management. Enroll to learn from Dr Morten Hoegh who comes with 10+ years of experience in delivering academic/postgraduate pain education with a focus on clinicians and implementation of basic science into clinical practice

Unique, 1st time in Romania

Only course specifically aimed at preparing participants for the EDPP (European Diploma in Pain Physiotherapy)

World class instructor

Dr Morten Hoegh has the highest academic degree in pain science (MSc Pain and PhD in pain mechanisms) plus 20 years of clinical practice

Become confident

Learn science and theory of pain at the European /international standard. Increase your understanding of how to manage complex pain chronic vs acute.

Be one of the first 

Participants who follows the course will have exclusive access to sparring for the EDPP 2020 exam

Pain Science and Knowledge

In recent years “Pain Science” has emerged as a distinct academic discipline with delineated bordersand aims. It focuses on management of complex pain problems, typically using a multidisciplinaryapproach. Healthcare authorities in several countries in Europe have begun to establish programmes for specialist training and certification in the field of Pain Medicine.

This two-day course is aimed at clinicians (PT, MD, psychologists, chiropractors etc.)

After the course, the participants will be able to:


Pain and contemporary understandings of pain

Recognise theories of pain and contemporary understandings of pain science, including the patient-centred and mechanism-based approach to pain management


Context and cognition

Discuss how context and cognitions can influence pain.


Yes to tissue-based management

Understand when nociception (e.g. tissue damage) is likely to relate to pain and thus when tissue-based management is considered appropriate


Pain unrelated to tissue-based pathologies 

Understand when pain is considered to be unrelated to tissue-based pathologies (including reumatological and neurological diseases), and what this could mean in terms of clinical management


Difference between acute and chronic pain

Understand Critically discuss the difference between acute and chronic pain based on WHO diagnosis (ICD-11) and how this relates to concepts such as ‘curative treatment’, ‘rehabilitation’ and ‘life management’.when pain is considered to be unrelated to tissue-based pathologies (including reumatological and neurological diseases), and what this could mean in terms of clinical management


European Diploma in Pain Physiotherapy & Pain Medicine

The course follows the European Diploma in Pain Physiotherapy and Pain Medicine and teaching is primarily discussion-based (lecture format) and will be adapted to participant input, requests and background to ensure best possible implementation into clinical practice. There will be no pre-course reading but individual references can be shared after the course by request. All teaching and materials will be in accessible English.

Acute pain
Maximise patients’ health status

Physiotherapy is aimed to promote and maximize patients’ health status and well-being using a
person-centered perspective, within a biopsychosocial framework.

Cancer-related pain
Person-centered perspective

Incorporates the evaluation of the person in his/her whole and the understanding of all those
aspects that can limit a patient’s well-being. Pain is arguably the most frequent and distressing
experience patients report, and every health professional should have a comprehensive understanding of biological mechanisms as well as of the pain experience, to allow an adequate treatment.

Chronic non-cancer pain
Comprehensive understanding
of biological mechanisms

Physiotherapists must utilize a broad base of skills including, but not limited to, effective
communication styles, education, and reflective practice when treating and managing patients using best practice recommendations.

About The Course Instructor,
Dr Morten Hoegh

PT MSc Pain PhD | Specialist PT, COMT, RISPT, EDPP

Having spent more than a decade as clinician, teacher and business developer he decided to focus on improving national and international pain education based on the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP). Most recently, he was appointed vice-chair of the European Pain Federation’s Educational Committee and has been involved in the development of the Diploma in Pain Physiotherapy and underlying curriculum. Currently he is overseeing the developments of similar programs in nursing and psychology. At a national level Morten has been appointed to several chairs and committees including the Danish Medicine and Health Authorities and the Danish Council of Ethics.

Pricing & Location Information

Schedule: Two Days,  28-29 September 2019 

Course will take place in Bucharest at Monza Metropolitan Private Hospital.

Your Course instructor will be Dr Morten Hoegh

Cunoașterea limbii engleze este obligatorie pentru a putea participa la curs și la examenul din Bruxelles.


@Spitalul Monza - București



  • The science & theory of pain at European /international standard
  • English lecture 
  • Increased understanding of how to manage complex pain
  • Confidence in assessing chronic pain vs acute pain
  • Coffe Break

Course Enrollments close on Februarie 10th 2020



Aims to advance research, education, and clinical management of pain and serve as an authoritative, science-based resource on issues related to pain and its treatment.

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